Launchspace Technologies Corporation is a leader and pioneer in the space industry, working with commercial, civil and national security customers.
For the past 40 years Launchspace has worked with most of the major aerospace contractors, helping to acquire major government systems awards for launch vehicles, spacecraft, ground stations and other programs.

Launchspace Technologies Corporation (LTC) is a commercial space services company with a subscription-based, multiple-revenue-stream business plan that addresses a permanent international imperative to maintain national security and spaceflight safety. Launchspace (LTC) is a leader in the key technologies and architectures for solving major national security capability gaps in space, space traffic management (STM) and orbital debris tracking and removal. Our IP is protected by issued patents.

Innovators in Spacecraft advances

We can provide seasoned experts for help with everything from design services for launch vehicles and spacecraft as well as proposal writing for grants and due diligence and mentorship for venture funded space technology companies. Launchspace Technologies Corporation has had extensive experience in proposal evaluation, red teaming and competitive analysis.

Launchspace Technologies has the only technically and financially feasible space-based solution for detecting, tracking and removing orbital debris while providing SSA in both LEO and GEO for NSS, civil and commercial customers.


We believe that Launchspace has the only viable and affordable technology and architectural approaches for supplying several critical space data and services to the Air Force, intelligence community, NASA and commercial satellite operators. Our revenue model is based on permanent recurring subscription revenue streams from patents critical to ensuring safe access to space and protection for vital space assets. Launchspace is developing a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) sensor constellation to detect, track and identify resident space objects (RSOs – orbital debris and active spacecraft) in both LEO and geostationary equatorial orbits (GEO) leading to revenue from customers in space situational awareness (SSA), orbital debris tracking and clearing and space traffic management (STM). The orbital debris problem will always exist due to the exponential increase in the launch of satellites and spacecraft. Therefore, the critically mandated solution to this problem will result in a permanent and recurring revenue stream for Launchspace.

Launchspace will develop a 2nd constellation of debris impact pads (DIPs) that will remediate the orbital debris problem which threatens human and robotic spaceflight and can clog access to critical orbits in space. We plan on ultimately putting a constellation of 24 sensor spacecraft in LEO and as many as 100 DIPs, leading to well in excess of $1 billion in annual revenue. Because the orbital debris problem will grow over time with the planned 15,000 satellites being put on orbit in the next 10 years, orbital debris is a problem that will need tracking and remediation on a permanent basis.

The combination of National Security Space (NSS), civil (NASA, NOAA) and commercial customers using our solutions will save the US Government billions of dollars, maintain permanent safe space operations for human and robotic spaceflight and help ensure continued U.S. leadership in space.

Latest Case Studies

  • Problem:

    Three major space manufacturers were competing for a complex satellite contract award worth $1 billion. All three companies wanted Launchspace to assist in the proposal development.

    Decision Process:

    Launchspace was contacted by all three companies and one was selected as a client.


    The Launchspace team received the go-ahead for a number of contract acquisition services. As a result, Launchspace trained the client’s in-house proposal writers, carried out a motivational and learning seminar, helped to organized and write the proposal, managed the entire proposal team and wrote the Executive Summary.


    The client won the billion dollar contract. Launchspace has become a trusted contractor for other large systems acquisitions.

  • Problem:

    A major aerospace company discovered a potentially new and game-changing space business application, but needed an independent and respected organization to carry out a proof-of-concept assessment.

    Decision Process:

    Launchspace was contacted and selected as the best qualified to conduct a feasibility study and business assessment of the concept.


    Launchspace completed the research, assessment and due diligence on schedule and on budget.


    The client was able to use the Launchspace study results to acquire major financing that led to a successful new business activity.